• Maintenance and spare parts
  • Underhåll och Reservdelar

Maintenance and Spare Parts


WindEn’s wind turbines are designed for minimum maintenance with few moving components. WndEn also offers a service agreement and will perform an annual inspection of your small wind turbine in order to ensure a long service life. 

The customer will soon learn how the wind turbine sounds on a daily basis. Should an abnormal sound occur, contact WindEn’s service personnel in order to identify the source of the fault.

In order to ensure safety our small wind turbines are equipped with approved fall protection equipment as well as a working platform that simplifies the servicing work and the person carrying out the servicing can feel safe.

The turbine’s protective housing folds up like a bonnet and all of the important components are easy to access. This means that servicing can be carried out safely and with ease.

Spare parts

Since the small wind turbine is to be in operation for a very long time the future supply of spare parts is very important for all of our wind turbines. We therefore use reputable European suppliers who provide standard components. In other words, we guarantee the quality of the turbine as we are in close proximity to spare parts and thereby hold down material costs.


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