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WindEn 45

The WindEn turbines are designed to suit the needs of enterprises and farmers that want to take control over their future costs of energy. Wind is a totally free of charge, and renewable, source of energy. An investment in a WindEn turbine will start to pay itself back from the day the installation is finished. With a calculated life span of 20+ years, you can look forward to many years ­without paying bills to electric companies.

So, why not make yourself and the environment happy, invest in a WindEn turbine.


Standard IEC 61400-2:2006    
Rated Power 45 kW    
Operating wind speed 3,5 m/s    
Max. permitted wind speed 52.5 m/s    
Number of blades 3    
Diameter 14.6 m    
Rotor Area 166 m^2    
Number of phases 3, 400 VAC    
Frequency 50 Hz    
Network connection Yes    
Power regulation Stall regulating    
Brakes Double fail-safe spring applied brake    
  3 blade tip brakes    
RPM 60 r.p.m.    
Mast options Lattice mast or tube tower    

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WindEn 45


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