• Construction stage, installation and operation
  • Byggskede, installation & drift

Construction stage, installation and operation

  • A building application is submitted to the municipality and technical consultation begins together with the town and country building surveyor and municipality. WindEn can provide a town and country building surveyor should the customer so desire.
  • A flight obstacle notification is submitted to the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration. WindEn can assist with this. A flight obstacle notification must always be submitted for all buildings in excess of 20 metres in height.
  • A project manager from WindEn will be available for the duration of the project.
  • Foundations must be excavated and embedded in accordance with WindEn’s drawings and by qualified personnel.
  • The mast/tower, wings and turbine must be installed as agreed with WindEn. Special adjustments and the commissioning of small wind turbines are always carried out by WindEn’s personnel.
  • A mobile crane (approx. 100 tonnes) is needed to lift the small wind turbine when the turbine and wings are fitted to the mast/tower.
  • The small wind turbine must be installed by a qualified electrician and the electrician must also contact the electricity grid company.
  • All small wind turbines are monitored by WindEn.
  • Windportalen – Log in via the Internet and view wind statistics for your small wind turbine.
  • Service agreement and insurance agreement.

Building application and the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration

A building application is to be submitted to the municipality no later than four weeks before the customer intends to start the construction work on the intended site. A flight obstacle notification is also to be submitted to the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration when the planning permission has been approved and when there is a schedule for the erection of the small wind turbine.

The whole project collaboration will take place in consultation between the customer and project manager from WindEn when a clear division of responsibility as regards work tasks and obligations as well as a schedule and activity plan have been drawn up.

Registration of electricity-generating equipment

The customer’s electrician is to forward a registration form stating that the customer wishes to install an electricity-generating system/equipment to the grid company to allow the company to conduct an evaluation and prepare the electricity grid for the connection of the small wind turbine.  This registration form is available from WindEn.

Here is a check list of the information that needs to accompany a request for connection to a grid.

Check list from vindlov

The connection takes place to the low voltage local grid (400 V) and is linked into the incoming electricity meter at the customer’s property. The small wind turbine will then be connected to the grid. Read more about electrical safety from the National Electrical Safety Board in the following document:

Electrical safety from the National Electrical safety Board

Excavation and embedding

Foundations must be excavated and embedded in accordance with WindEn’s drawings and casting template by qualified personnel. The ground foundations for a 36 m lattice mast are approximately cubic metres. WindEn can provide reinforcement package if the customer has not arranged this himself.

Fitting and installation

The mast can be installed in three different ways; firstly the customer can do this using the drawings and instructions provided by WindEn. WindEn will then retighten and inspect everything and also install the turbine, wings and commission the wind turbine after it has been erected. Alternatively, WindEn can assist the customer by providing a supervisor with personnel from the customer. The same retightening, inspection and final installation applies as for the previous option. Finally, the customer can decide to allow WindEn be responsible for the entire installation at a fixed prices excluding travel, accommodation and subsistence allowance.

A 100 tonne mobile crane is needed to lifting and the customer is responsible for ensuring that this is on site at the same time as WindEn's personnel in order to optimise efficiency.

As previously stated, connection must be carried out by a qualified electrician since the smallest fuse size is 63A.

For further information on installation refer to:


WindEn’s customer folder

The customer will familiarise himself with WindEn’s customer folder that includes a manual to ensure that the customer understands the small wind turbine and energy production. This customer folder also includes further information on selling the surplus, electricity certificates and technical information on the small wind turbine.


All small wind turbines are monitored by WindEn.

Windportalen is a service that presents wind and energy production statistics that can be purchased from WindEn to enable the customer to easily obtain an overview of his small wind turbine. Click here for the product sheet:

Link to the product sheet

Please contact WindEn for further information on the service agreement and insurance agreement.


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